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I Am the Messenger

I Am the Messenger - Zusak.Markus Zusak.He is one of my favorites.In a world of hierarchical artistry, he is right up there with Madeleine L’Engle, Donald Miller, Jane Austen. This writer brings his A-game in everything he writes.I Am The Messenger is story structured as a deck of cards. Trust me on this because when you open the book yourself you will see it in the chapters, in the design, in the story itself. What genius! That alone has held my rapt attention.I can recite the first lines like a mantra.So far, I’ve read this book five times.Each time it reads deeper and truer.I will never get enough of Zusak’s word weaving.You can read a summary anywhere so I’ll just tell you this much:I Am A Messenger is a story of becoming more than you think you are.Zusak paints with words. Inky alphabet sculptures.This book will make you believe in barefoot girls, old ladies drinking loneliness, the power and the glory, and that the gunman is useless. Useless but effective.***To read more book reviews, visit: www.theycallmekeeks.com