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Composed: A Memoir

Composed: A Memoir - Rosanne Cash Composed by Rosanne Cash is a memoir of the firstborn of Johnny Cash and his first wife Vivian.Rosanne is a singer, songwriter, and writer. And fascinating.I was given this book by my hilarious, wise friend and mentor Tammy.This memoir chronicles her life from childhood into adulthood. Her writing is flawless. Her insight impeccable. Rosanne Cash is every bit authentic. Her writing rings true in a way that rarely happens for me while reading memoirs. I will be reading her other books and listening to her songs. My world is ever-expanding.Here is the note I jotted in my journal when I finished Composed: Her words open doorways and I continue to walk the halls and worlds described even with the book now finished, cover closed, back on the shelf.***Favorite Quotes For me, art is a more trustworthy expression of God than religion. Loss is the great unifier, the terrible club to which we all eventually belong. I have learned to be steady in my course of love, or fear, or loneliness, rather than impulsive in its wasting, either lyrically or emotionally.***For other reviews, visit www.theycallmekeeks.com and choose Book Reviews from Categories.